So I have a blog now...

After years of procrastinating, I’m finally starting a blog. Why am I starting a blog? Couple reasons.

To clear my head. At this point in my life, I have a bunch of thoughts bouncing around in my head. Sure, I could tell them to my friends, but I’d rather share them with the world (well, whoever cares enough to read this). Who knows? Maybe this will start some good ol’ internet discussions. Or maybe it will turn into me fighting trolls. Either way, I want to get my thoughts out there.

To become a better writer. The vast majority of writing I’ve ever done in my life has been for school. And 90% of that writing has been on topics I could care less about. I don’t feel like I’ll ever become a good writer if all the writing I do starts at 3am after throwing back a couple energy drinks in order to meet a deadline. I want to write about something I care about for a change. So I decided to start a blog dedicated to the things I care about.

Self reflection. I’ve always liked the thought of writing in a diary, although I’ve never gotten around to doing it. There’s something soothing about the act of thinking about yourself, your beliefs, your day, your lifestyle, etc. and writing it down. Consider part of this blog to be my personal diary. I’m looking forward to this time when I can let all distractions pass by and just reflect on myself and the things I care about.

Transparent online identity. A lot of people I admire to have strong online identities. Not people I know personally, but people in the industry I want to enter someday. There are some people who I feel like I almost know personally simply from their strong online identities. I feel like it’s almost a requirement to be successful in the tech industry, so why not get a little head start?

A little cash. No, I don’t expect to become rich off this little blog. But as a college student, I’ll do anything to earn a little extra cash. Even if I only make $20 in the lifetime of this blog, that’s better than nothing.

Time management. I have horrible time management skills. I always procrastinate on everything. EVERYTHING! So I’m making a goal for myself. I’m going to try to spend an hour a day on this blog. One baby step in developing some decent time management skills.

Employment. Throughout this blog, I’ll be writing about topics I’m knowledgable about. This blog will be part of my website, which I’ll be putting on my résumé. Hopefully this will slightly increase my chances of getting hired by giving future employers a glimpse as to who I am and what I can do. And if someone decides not to hire me after reading this blog, I probably wouldn’t have fit well at that job in the first place.

Spread the wealth. I’m always figuring out new ways to do things. And when I can’t figure out how to do something, a Google search almost always returns dozens of blog posts that solve my problem. I’d like to contribute to that; to be one of those people who indirectly helps someone else.

That’s about it. I’m not sure if anyone will read this, but even if I’m writing to an empty audience, I feel like I’ll get a lot of personal benefit out of writing this blog.

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