10 Reasons to Become a Computer Science Major

1. Practice on your own

To get started, all you need is a computer with internet access, which you likely already have if you’re a college student. You don’t need to work with anybody or practice on anybody. You can start projects and build up valuable experience on your own time.

2. Logical thinking

Computer science is all about thinking logically. Enough practice in the field can move you to make more rational decisions in day-to-day life.

3. Varied environments

Some computer science majors choose to work at small startup companies, which offer fun, fast-paced environments. Others enjoy great perks in a more corporate setting. Whichever style of work you prefer, it won’t be hard to find a job you enjoy.

4. Transferable skills

Let’s say you work at a software company for a few years and want to move on to somewhere else. You’ve just spent all those years learning the same languages that are used at thousands of other companies. Going from job to job isn’t the huge switch that it is in more human-oriented businesses.

5. Rapid innovation

A few years ago, software was primarily built as desktop applications. A couple years later, the web was the way to go. Nowadays, companies are focusing more on mobile and social applications. With all of these changes comes new skills and new ways of thinking. It’s difficult to get bored when you have to constantly learn something new to stay relevant.

6. Solve your own problems

Don’t like the way a certain problem is being solved? Build a new solution. The problems that technology can’t solve are becoming fewer and fewer. It just takes the right mind with the right skills to implement it. That person could be you.

7. Build products

In many careers, it’s difficult to show off your accomplishments to people outside the office. With a career on computer science, chances are good that you’ll work on a widely-distributable product that you can show to friends and potential employers.

8. Start a business

There are an infinite number of problems that technology can solve, and most of them aren’t hard to implement with less than half a dozen talented individuals. Build something useful, and you could very well make some extra cash or even turn it into your full-time job.

9. High pay

There’s no denying the fact that computer science majors have it pretty well off. While I believe money isn’t the key to happiness, being able to pay off student loans shortly after college is a definite plus.

10. Program or be programmed

We’re at the mercy of computers these days. As they get easier to use, less people understand how they actually work. Does relying on a system you have no control over sound like a good idea to you?

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